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Foot Doctor is a revolutionary new technology for delivering affordable individualized corrective foot orthotics in less than five minutes to customers in retail stores, medical clinics and corporate facilities.

Using a proprietary computerized evaluation system, Foot Doctor takes seconds to evaluate the mechanics of a foot-in-motion and determine the appropriate corrective orthotic for you. Foot Doctor Orthotics are available on-site and can be placed in your shoes immediately so that you can begin experiencing affordable corrective comfort for your feet, legs, knees and back.

What is a Foot Doctor Orthotic?

A Foot Doctor Orthotic is a corrective insole appropriate for any kind of shoe that is designed to restore an individual’s normal foot motion and function based on the results of a computerized biomechanical assessment.


Abnormal foot motion and function causes pain and discomfort in your foot, leg, knee, hip, lower back and neck. Foot Doctor Orthotics re-align and correct the foot and ankle bones to their neutral position, thereby restoring natural foot motion and function which will alleviate your pain.

The Foot Doctor Advantage = Corrective Comfort For Your Feet

  Off-the-shelf foot products do not correct abnormal foot motion or function but simply accommodate feet with shock absorption (padding, cushions or gel) or by limiting motion.
  Each pair of feet has its own shape, size and movement, yet off-the-shelf products treat each pair of feet as identical. How do you know which off-the-shelf product is right for your unique foot?
  Custom-made orthotics are very expensive and take weeks to be made and often need to be refitted.

Foot Doctor takes the guesswork out of choosing the right foot product for you. By simply walking across the Foot Doctor Mat, you will be provided with affordable individualized corrective orthotics in under five minutes that will alleviate your pain and discomfort.

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